The Way of



Oh, the magic of the sea. Its unique power to absorb your mind and heart, to trap them in a never-ending whirlpool of sensations until you’re no longer able to distinguishing where nature ends and your body starts.

Board size: 9'8'' x 31'' x 3.93''

volume: 193 litres / Rider up to: 95kgs/210lbs

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All of our boards include a complete pack with: Selected inflatable board, Backpack, Air pump, fin FCS II and 2 fixed side flaps, paddle “the easy way", Repair kit.

Know the artist

Conrad Roset

Drawing has been his passion and the motive that geared his life. When they were kids he and his brother used to draw everything they liked; years later he developed his most personal collection, Muses, inspired in women.

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